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    Looking up Scottish mythological creatures and

    Wulver: a werewolf in Shetland, that is said to have had the body of a man with a wolf’s head. It was reported to have left fish on the windowsills of poor families.

    That is the nicest Werewolf legend I’ve ever heard of.

    Now I wish I could draw because I’d love to draw this.


    i tried

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    my songs have vague suspicions about what you did in the dark

    let’s precariously light these objects up

    i am moderately aflame

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  8. silversarcasm:

    autism does not need to be cured, autistic people do not need to be fixed, society needs to be changed, I will always stand by this

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    tbh the only reason i know how to read a clock is so i can figure out when we get out of class

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    "you wear that a lot" yes that is because i, a proud owner of a washing machine,

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